Visit from The CEO of Twitter and some representatives to the University of Lagos

Earlier today the University of Lagos Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ogundipe, received @Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, and the founder and CEO of Square.

@Jack is visiting Africa and Nigeria for the first time. He and his team are visiting #UnilagNigeria to learn from the community, it's students, faculty etc. to know how better to serve the Nigerian @Twitter community

I enjoyed watching Jack and his team speak and I learnt a lot of Important things so I'm just going to list them I hope we learn a thing or two; 

  1. Jack explained his story of how he got a thing for computers, it all started from his curiosity and he built this curiosity and learnt more and built on this curiosity and now he's the CEO of Twitter. Important key point when you find something you're interested in don't let the flame die, work on it, learn more about it and it can take you places
  2. Jack also explained to us the importance of working really hard in your country, most of us want to run away to places we tag greener pastures but we can use our knowledge and skills to make our country better.
  3. Jack also lets us know that you're never to young to set a goal and never to old to achieve a set goal 
  4. A member of Jacks team made us realize that sometimes working out of your comfort zone, makes you work harder and opens you up to a new realm of possibilities you could never find in your comfort zone
  5. Lastly he mentioned the importance of finding your purpose and realizing who you really are. 

I hope these lessons from Jack and his team makes us understand and realize that we are superheroes, and what I love about the step Jack and his team took is they are professionals in what they do but they came to people like me and you to ask for advice on how to serve us better and This taught me today that no matter how good you get you still need advice because you can do better, stay winning King's and queens and have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year 

by Oluwalanumi Ehinmisan