The new campus cab park, ( going to campus is now a lot easier )

Finally less stressssssssss.......

In the University of Lagos students would usually go to the car park at education to enter a cab going to campus, it was always very stressful especially on Mondays, oh the queueeee, you'd wait for almost 30 minutes standing on a long queue that would sometimes start at the car park and end at the multipurpose hall, ( if you have an 8am class you best be there by 6 o'clock ) * just joking* but you know what I mean *winks* we'd be tired, sweaty and even exhausted by the time we get to class and most times LATE very LATE and we end up standing outside of the classroom thinking (but sigh I woke up early today) sometimes I don't even sweat it once I'm walking in school and I see the queue I heave a really heavy sigh, I've considered walking to the faculty of law on several several occasions and I've done it, I've actually done it, my white shirt would end up brown before I get there, and how about when the day is over ( please don't let me get started ) that GTB campus cab park to gate, welp!! 

But I think the school authorities heard our cries and saw our sweats, they moved the cabs going to campus at the UBA car park at education and used the car park at EDUCATION for only people going to DLI and FSS, it's so much easier now and very organised and the queue has reduced and they're always enough cabs, now I don't even wait up to 5 minutes, well 10 if it's Monday morning but at least the stress has been cut down by like 20 - 25 minutes and I haven't been coming to class late anymore ( well perfect attendance here I come ) so if you haven't been in the University of Lagos for a while or at all well this should help;

  1. Going to campus or new hall from gate? - once you enter from the main gate on your left the UBA car park is where the cabs are parked.
  2. Going to FSS or DLI from gate ?- once you enter from the main gate walk a little, the first turning to your right the EDUCATION car park is where the cabs are parked. 
  3. Going from new hall to campus? - NEW HALL BUS STOP is just a little after access bank, you just wait there for a cab.
  4. Going to CITS from new hall but you don't want to walk? - take a bus from the NEW HALL BUS STOP and it stops you right opposite CITS 
  5. Going from campus to gate or new hall? - take a cab from the GTB car park 
  6. Going from campus to FSS or DLI ?- take a cab from the GTB car park just opposite the Moremi female hostel. 
  7. Going from school to Bariga or Yaba ?- you can take a campus shuttle from CITS. 

So happy everything has been made easier now.

Well, you're welcome.

by CampusLife UNILAG