So you're settling down and classes are slowly beginning, you would start to see lots of invites to crazy parties, most aren't set up by UNILAG students they're tagged "FRESHERS PARTIES" ladies and gentlemen RUN! 

Let's stay focused on the real reason we came to school because most of them are traps to take advantage and lure young and naive students and since they're not on school property and the school isn't aware of them and didn't organise them whatever happens, well your responsibility, so be careful to do away from them, they're tons of social events organised in school that would allow you network.

GET YOUR ID CARDS!! very very important, because it identifies you as a student, so Incase of anything always have it with you to save you from embarrassments.

Stay away from secret corners and dark places after hours, in order not to get into trouble. 

DRESS CODES, The university of Lagos doesn't have specific dress codes but certain departments have rules against INDECENT DRESSING! so please don't, you could get embarrassed or sent out of class, we know you want to dress and show off because you could get in uncomfortable situations.

Finally remember that the university of Lagos has several rules and regulations guarding students do to obey them and stay away from trouble or you'll end up in a little special place called ALPHA BASE.

by Oluwalanumi Ehinmisan