UNILAG Yay!! Little Advice for New Students: PART 1

Getting into UNILAG is great ( dream come true) and for your freedom isn't it, no more mummy and daddy on your neck, you can do whatever you want ( not really ) and I know you want to visit all the cool hangout spots in UNILAG such as:

  1. Korede Spaghetti 
  2. Chillspot 
  3. Amphitheatre
  4. Sports Center etc.

But it's not all fun let's not get carried away, because trust me for a new student you can easily get carried away with all the fun activities, UNILAG is also a serious University academically and with serious competition, so also remember we have spots for you to take your book to read if you're not such a big fan of the Library here are some stops:

  1. Love garden ( Faculty of Arts)
  2. GTB garden
  3. You can check out more places in ( places to visit in Unilag) 

Here are some tips to surviving academically, to stay top on chart and not get into trouble in your first year, 

  1. Attendance is VERY COMPULSORY and they carry 60% of your Mark 
  2. Always do your assignments on time!!
  3. Read ahead of classes, do not misplace your brochure!
  4. Always have full scarp papers in your handbag
  5. Get all necessary textbooks
  6. Don't be rude to lecturers
  7. Keep quiet when necessary
  8. Respond to questions in class ( don't be shy )
  9. Sit in front of the class to see the board clearly
  10. Don't talk in classes

With these few tips you should survive academically, how can you survive socially and not get into trouble stay tuned for part 2.....

by Oluwalanumi Ehinmisan