Top Places to Have Not so Nigerian Foods in Unilag

The number one on our list is a very popular place in the university of Lagos, ask any student in unilag if they've heard about KOREDE SPAGHETTI. If they haven't heard about it then they're probably not in unilag, lol, Just joking.

But Korede Spaghetti does not stand out for their Spaghetti brand alone, they've got rice and stew with turkey , yam chips, potato chips with chicken sauce and ponmo anyways. Sorry I'll have to take a break cos I'm hungry already.

Like I was saying why is it Korede's Spaghetti if they sell all kinds of food? Well you'd have to find out, it's located at the back of Amphitheater Sports Centre Unilag. You're welcome.

The second on our list is OP VINE. OP VINE is a restaurant located at Biobaku Complex in the University of Lagos. If you're looking to get a very good breakfast like French toast or coffee and tea this is the place for you.

If you like good milkshakes too then this is also the place. They also have the best potatoes I'm talking yummy mouth watering dishes that are pocket friendly again. I say YOU ARE WELCOME.

Our next stop is at Chef Lu. One of my favourite run to snack is the famous STARBOY. What is a Star Boy? You don't know warris going on. Ughh are you people even in this institution? Okay Okay I got you, just look at this beauty.

Chef Lu has been steadily giving us mouth watering dishes. I mean transformed bread to make an excellent delicacy. I can't enjoy this alone, no way. Take a walk to the Faculty of Business Administration and find out. They also makes migos ( that's pasta ) and stir fry noodles. I hope you're not reading this on an empty stomach, go grab something to eat at Chef Lu already. You're welcome.

And the last on our list is this particular restaurant that just opened in Unilag in a very popular spot. If you're guessing Sports Center then you are absolutely correct I'm talking about ChillSpot, you've never heard about it?

Oh well, no blames. It's still very new but they're already stealing our hearts I mean look at this...

Fries and barbecue chicken I mean yummy talk about very delicious and affordable. If I continue like this, I'll keep you savouring. They also captured us with different flavour of ice cream, take a look at this

If you're lactose intolerant don't take this! It's very tempting yeah but don't fight the urge this looks so good I mean just look at this. It is very pocket friendly they're located at the Tennis Court at the back of Sports Center Unilag.

The food prices range from 500-2000 depends on what you can afford, but I promise you they're just what they look like and they taste good, I'm getting star boy first thing tomorrow morning can't type all this and not get hungry.


by Oluwalanumi Ehinmisan